Batman Three Jokers

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Batman: Three Jokers

Batman: Three Jokers Pdf/ePub eBook Author: ,
Editor: DC Comics
ISBN: 1779500246
FileSize: 968kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 968


Batman: Three Jokers by , Summary

Thirty years after Batman: The Killing Joke changed comics forever, Batman: Three Jokers reexamines the myth of who, or what, is the Joker and what is at the heart of his ongoing battle with Batman? New York Times bestselling writer Geoff Johns and artist Jason Fabok, the team that waged the “Darkseid War” in the pages of Justice League, reunite to tell the ultimate story of Batman and The Joker! In this highly anticipated epic, learn why there are three Jokers, and what that means for the decades-long battle between the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime. In this powerful, emotional story, Batman, Batgirl, and Red Hood-all past victims of The Joker-work together to solve a mystery unlike anything they’ve ever faced before!

Justice League Vol. 7: Darkseid War Part 1

Justice League Vol. 7: Darkseid War Part 1 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Geoff Johns
Editor: DC
ISBN: 1401266878
FileSize: 553kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 553


Justice League Vol. 7: Darkseid War Part 1 by Geoff Johns Summary

DC superstars Geoff Johns (FOREVER EVIL) and Jason Fabok (DETECTIVE COMICS) bring you the start of the Darkseid War, the epic event that has been building since the formation of the Justice League. The Justice League first came together years ago to stop Darkseid and his Parademon army from invading our Earth. Now Darkseid will once again make the planet a war zone, as Earth becomes the frontline in his battle with the Anti-Monitor-one of the most powerfully destructive creatures ever created. Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and the rest of the Justice League are working with Mister Miracle to stop the coming bloodshed, but when two unstoppable forces of evil go to war, even the worldÕs greatest heroes might not be enough to save the world! Collects JUSTICE LEAGUE #40-44 and DC SNEAK PEEK: JUSTICE LEAGUE #1.

DCeased: Unkillables

DCeased: Unkillables Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tom Taylor
Editor: DC Comics
ISBN: 1779503946
FileSize: 1468kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1468


DCeased: Unkillables by Tom Taylor Summary

When heroes fall, villains rise! The next chapter of the hit DCeased saga is the villains’ story of survival during the zombie apocalypse! Led by Red Hood and Deathstroke, DC’s hardest villains and antiheroes fight with no mercy to save the only commodity left on a dying planet of the undead-life! Heroes and villains collide with one epic purpose: to escape the coming of the infected population of Gotham City and a monstrous Wonder Woman! Collects DCeased: Unkillables #1-3.

Justice League by Scott Snyder Book One Deluxe Edition

Justice League by Scott Snyder Book One Deluxe Edition Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Scott Snyder
Editor: DC Comics
ISBN: 1779505124
FileSize: 1241kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1241


Justice League by Scott Snyder Book One Deluxe Edition by Scott Snyder Summary

The Justice League is reunited in these stories from issues #1-13, Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth #1 and Aquaman/Justice League: Drowned Earth #1. First, the League is forced to make an impossible decision...and now it's time to face the consequences! And then, Hawkgirl takes wing against Lex Luthor; John Stewart faces off with Sinestro; the Flash must run down Gorilla Grodd; and Wonder Woman tackles Black Manta and the Cheetah-Underwater!

Joker: Killer Smile

Joker: Killer Smile Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jeff Lemire
Editor: DC Comics
ISBN: 1779510853
FileSize: 916kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 916


Joker: Killer Smile by Jeff Lemire Summary

The Eisner-nominated creative team of writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino (Green Arrow, Gideon Falls) reunite for a psychological horror story that delves into the bottomless insanity of The Joker. Everyone knows The Joker doesn’t have the most promising history with psychotherapists. In fact, no one’s even been able to diagnose him. But that doesn’t matter to Dr. Ben Arnell; he’s determined to be the one to unravel this unknowable mind. And there’s no way The Joker could ever get through the therapeutic walls Ben has built around himself. Right? There’s no way The Joker’s been entering his house at night...right? There’s no way The Joker has stood over his son’s bed and put that book in his hands, the one with the, the, the... Collects Joker: Killer Smile #1-3 and Batman: The Smile Killer #1.

Batman Vol. 4: The War of Jokes and Riddles

Batman Vol. 4: The War of Jokes and Riddles Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Tom King
Editor: DC Comics
ISBN: 1401282091
FileSize: 952kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 952


Batman Vol. 4: The War of Jokes and Riddles by Tom King Summary

Early in Batman’s career, the Joker and the Riddler would seemingly be natural allies. But each man determined that he and he alone must be the one to kill the Bat...and either would sooner burn down Gotham than be beaten to the punch line. Untold until now, one of the darkest chapters in Batman’s history sees all of Gotham’s villains choosing sides in a battle of wits that soon turns into a full-blown war—complete with civilian casualties. In the War of Jokes and Riddles, only one side can claim victory...but the scars it leaves will shape Batman’s future as he makes the most important decision of his life. From the critically acclaimed, best-selling creative team of Tom King (GRAYSON, The Vision) and Mikel Janin (JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK), the epic graphic tale BATMAN: THE WAR OF JOKES AND RIDDLES has quickly embedded itself as one of the great stories in the Dark Knight’s mythology. Collects issues #25-32.

Batman: Earth One

Batman: Earth One Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Geoff Johns
Editor: DC
ISBN: 1401239560
FileSize: 1515kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1515


Batman: Earth One by Geoff Johns Summary

#1 NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller! Batman is not a hero. He is just a man. Fallible, vulnerable and angry. In a Gotham City where friend and foe are indistinguishable, Bruce Wayne's path toward becoming the Dark Knight is riddled with more obstacles than ever before. Focused on punishing his parents’ true killers, and the corrupt police that allowed the criminals to go free, Bruce Wayne's thirst for vengeance fuels his mad crusade and no one, not even Alfred, can stop him. In the tradition of the #1 NEW YORK TIMES best-selling SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE, writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank re-imagine a new mythology for the Dark Knight, where the familiar is no longer the expected in this long-awaited original graphic novel from DC Comics.

Batman Vol. 9: Bloom

Batman Vol. 9: Bloom Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Scott Snyder
Editor: DC Comics
ISBN: 1401272134
FileSize: 991kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 991


Batman Vol. 9: Bloom by Scott Snyder Summary

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo conclude their #1 NEW YORK TIMES best-selling, critically acclaimed saga. BATMAN RETURNS? Bruce Wayne has a nearly perfect life. He’s in love with an amazing woman and works by her side every day at one of Gotham’s youth centers, helping the children of the city he loves. His memory has been patchy ever since he nearly died in the last Joker attack, but even so, he’s confident that this is the happiest he’s ever been. And yet…he sometimes feels himself being tugged back to another life. In the negative space of his missing past is a half-remembered history, filled with violence and darkness, but also greatness. The Batman is calling Bruce back. But if he returns to his past, what will become of the perfect, happy life he has built? Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s character-defining run on the Dark Knight demonstrates why Batman truly is forever. Collects BATMAN #46-50, as well as a short story from DETECTIVE COMICS #27.

The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman Who Laughs Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Scott Snyder,James Tynion IV
Editor: DC Comics
ISBN: 1401294049
FileSize: 882kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 882


The Batman Who Laughs by Scott Snyder,James Tynion IV Summary

The Batman Who Laughs is enacting a sinister plan across the Multiverse-something both terrifying and oddly familiar. When Bruce Wayne realizes the only way to stop this madman is to kill him, he must consider violating the very rule Batman can’t ever break...the rule that created the Batman Who Laughs! As Bruce begins to realize that all the mistakes he’s made are somehow connected, the Batman Who Laughs unleashes a brand-new evil. Enter one of the most punishing Batmen of the Dark Multiverse: the Grim Knight! Collects THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1-7 and THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS: THE GRIM KNIGHT #1.

Batman: Universe

Batman: Universe Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Brian Michael Bendis
Editor: DC Comics
ISBN: 1779506384
FileSize: 1816kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1816


Batman: Universe by Brian Michael Bendis Summary

In this story written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Nick Derington, Batman is pushed to his limit as he sets off in search of an item with incredible destructive powers-and embarks on a journey across the DC Universe! It's a race to the finish line as Batman chases the Riddler from Gotham to Gorilla City and beyond, with the fate of humanity in the balance. Guest stars include Vandal Savage, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Deathstroke, Jonah Hex, and more! Collects Batman: Universe #1-6.

Batman: Die drei Joker

Batman: Die drei Joker Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Johns Geoff
Editor: DC COMICS bei Panini Comics
ISBN: 3736771797
FileSize: 861kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 861


Batman: Die drei Joker by Johns Geoff Summary

AUF DER JAGD NACH DEN JOKERN UND RED HOOD Batman und Batgirl machen Jagd auf die Joker wie sie inzwischen wissen, gibt es mehrere brutale Kriminelle, die als kichernde Killerclowns immer wieder Gotham City terrorisieren. Doch wer von ihnen ist der echte Joker? Einst fiel Batmans Kampfgefhrte Jason Todd einem Joker zum Opfer. Jetzt ist Jason der Verbrecherjger Red Hood und will blutige Rache ben. Einen der Joker hat er bereits eiskalt erschossen. Daher suchen Batman und Batgirl auch Red Hood, um ihn an weiteren Morden zu hindern. Der jedoch tappt den Killerclowns in die Falle Unter dem Black Label erscheinen grandiose Werke in der Tradition von BATMAN: KILLING JOKE eigenstndige Comics fr Kenner, Neueinsteiger und Gelegenheitsleser. Bestsellerautor Geoff Johns (JUSTICE LEAGUE) und Ausnahmezeichner Jason Fabok (BATMAN DETECTIVE COMICS) inszenieren eine spektakulre JokerSaga und den vielleicht wichtigsten BatmanComic seit langem! ENTHLT: BATMAN: THREE JOKERS 2

Batman: Die drei Joker - Bd. 1 (von 3)

Batman: Die drei Joker - Bd. 1 (von 3) Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Johns Geoff
Editor: DC COMICS bei Panini Comics
ISBN: 3736769989
FileSize: 1405kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1405


Batman: Die drei Joker - Bd. 1 (von 3) by Johns Geoff Summary

Der Joker ist der schlimmste Feind von Batman, ein irrer Verbrecher, für den selbst Massenmord ein Riesenspaß ist. Er hat nicht nur eine Spur aus Leichen in Gotham City hinterlassen, sondern auch das Leben von Batgirl und Jason Todd zerstört, als dieser noch Batmans Gefährte Robin war. Nun schlägt der Joker wieder zu – doch diesmal zeitgleich an drei Orten! Und Batman, Batgirl und Jason, die sich gemeinsam auf die Jagd nach dem wahnsinnigen Mörder machen, müssen sich fragen: Gibt es womöglich mehr als einen Joker? Unter dem Black Label erscheinen grandiose Werke in der Tradition von BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE – eigenständige Comics für Kenner, Neueinsteiger und Gelegenheitsleser. Bestsellerautor Geoff Johns (DOOMSDAY CLOCK) und Ausnahmezeichner Jason Fabok (DETECTIVE COMICS) inszenieren eine revolutionäre Joker-Saga.

Batman 3 Stories in 1, Volume 1

Batman 3 Stories in 1, Volume 1 Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Robert Greenberger
Editor: Raintree
ISBN: 1782021175
FileSize: 1600kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1600


Batman 3 Stories in 1, Volume 1 by Robert Greenberger Summary

This colourful, action-packed chapter book contains 3 great Batman adventures: Arctic Attack, Catwoman's Halloween Heist and The Man Behind the Mask. A colourful, action-packed chapter book with 3 great Batman adventures. In Arctic Attack, while researching the Arctic for a school project Robin learns that something is melting the glaciers - and it's not just global warming! In Catwoman's Halloween Heist, Batgirl and Robin are invited to the biggest Halloween party of the year. But one of their hosts' prized artefacts is missing! Can they capture the cat burglar? In The Man Behind the Mask, many years after the death of his parents, Bruce Wayne comes face to face with their killer, and recalls the story of his own past.

Batman by Neal Adams Book Three

Batman by Neal Adams Book Three Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dennis O'Neil,Len Wein,Frank Robbins,Neal Adams
Editor: DC Comics
ISBN: 1779505396
FileSize: 1476kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1476


Batman by Neal Adams Book Three by Dennis O'Neil,Len Wein,Frank Robbins,Neal Adams Summary

These 1970s stories feature artist Neal Adams' collaborations with legendary writer Denny O'Neil and highlights characters from all across the Batman mythos, along with a team-up between the Dark Knight and his archenemy, The Joker. Collects Neal Adams's Batman stories from Batman #232, #234, #237, #243-245, #251, #255, Power Records PR-27 and PR-30 and more.

The DC Comics Encyclopedia New Edition

The DC Comics Encyclopedia New Edition Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Matthew K. Manning,Stephen Wiacek,Melanie Scott,Nick Jones,Landry Q. Walker
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0744053013
FileSize: 1758kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1758


The DC Comics Encyclopedia New Edition by Matthew K. Manning,Stephen Wiacek,Melanie Scott,Nick Jones,Landry Q. Walker Summary

The definitive guide to the characters of the DC Multiverse and a vital addition to every comic book fan's bookshelf. Iconic Super Heroes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and The Flash have been transformed in recent years, along with many other DC characters. This new edition of the most comprehensive A-Z guide to DC's pantheon of Super Heroes and Super-Villains includes the latest earth-shaking developments in the DC Multiverse, with profiles of more than 1,200 characters. Created in full collaboration with DC, the encyclopedia features characters and art from every key crossover event, including Dark Nights: Metal and its sequel Dark Nights: Death Metal. With a foreword by DC legend Jim Lee, a brand-new cover design, and thrilling comic artwork, the fun and excitement of more than 80 years of comics history explode off every page. Experience the DC Multiverse like never before with The DC Comics Encyclopedia New Edition. Copyright ©2021 DC Comics. All DC characters and elements © & TM DC Comics. WB SHIELD: TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s21)

Superman: Secret Origin

Superman: Secret Origin Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Johns Geoff
Editor: DC COMICS bei Panini Comics
ISBN: 3736761384
FileSize: 1859kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1859


Superman: Secret Origin by Johns Geoff Summary

AUF, AUF UND DAVON! Clark Kent aus Smallville ist kein Junge wie jeder andere, und obwohl seine Freunde Lana Lang und Pete Ross zu ihm stehen, ängstigen den jungen Clark seine seltsamen Fähigkeiten – und machen ihn sogar zur Gefahr! Nach einer schicksalhaften Begegnung mit einem anderen Außenseiter namens Lex Luthor schlägt Clarkeinen neuen Weg ein und versucht Jahre später in Metropolis als junger Journalist bei der Tageszeitung Daily Planet Fuß zu fassen und seine phänomenalen Kräfte einzusetzen, um anderen zu helfen. Doch selbst für einen Superman ist diese Stadt vielleicht ein zu heißes Pflaster. Denn Metropolis gehört ganz allein Lex Luthor! Die definitive Entstehungsgeschichte von Superman, erzählt von Meisterautor Geoff Johns und packend in Szene gesetzt von Gary Frank! Ein moderner Klassiker der Comic-Literatur, der in keiner Sammlung fehlen darf! ENTHÄLT: SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN 1-6

The Joker

The Joker Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Robert Moses Peaslee,Robert G. Weiner
Editor: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 1626746796
FileSize: 992kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 992


The Joker by Robert Moses Peaslee,Robert G. Weiner Summary

Along with Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman, the Joker stands out as one of the most recognizable comics characters in popular culture. While there has been a great deal of scholarly attention on superheroes, very little has been done to understand supervillains. This is the first academic work to provide a comprehensive study of this villain, illustrating why the Joker appears so relevant to audiences today. Batman’s foe has cropped up in thousands of comics, numerous animated series, and three major blockbuster feature films since 1966. Actually, the Joker debuted in DC comics Batman 1 (1940) as the typical gangster, but the character evolved steadily into one of the most ominous in the history of sequential art. Batman and the Joker almost seemed to define each other as opposites, hero and nemesis, in a kind of psychological duality. Scholars from a wide array of disciplines look at the Joker through the lens of feature films, video games, comics, politics, magic and mysticism, psychology, animation, television, performance studies, and philosophy. As the first volume that examines the Joker as complex cultural and cross-media phenomenon, this collection adds to our understanding of the role comic book and cinematic villains play in the world and the ways various media affect their interpretation. Connecting the Clown Prince of Crime to bodies of thought as divergent as Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche, contributors demonstrate the frightening ways in which we get the monsters we need.

Batman Unauthorized

Batman Unauthorized Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Dennis O'Neil,Leah Wilson
Editor: BenBella Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1935251317
FileSize: 861kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 861


Batman Unauthorized by Dennis O'Neil,Leah Wilson Summary

Batman Unauthorized explores Batman's motivations and actions, as well as those of his foes. Batman is a creature of the night, more about vengeance than justice, more plagued by doubts than full of self-assurance, and more darkness than light. He has no superpowers, just skill, drive and a really well-made suit. One of the most recognized superheroes ever created, Batman has survived through campy TV shows and films, through actors such as Adam West, Michael Keaton and Christian Bale. Batman Unauthorized: Vigilantes, Jokers, and Heroes in Gotham City covers expansive territory ranging from the silly to the solemn. Why is the Joker so good at pushing Batman's buttons? What does Batman's technology say about the times? Why are Batman's villains crazier than average? And why is Batman the perfect, iconic American hero?

The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Christa Faust,Gary Phillips
Editor: Titan Books (US, CA)
ISBN: 1785658115
FileSize: 1572kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1572


The Killing Joke by Christa Faust,Gary Phillips Summary

Adapting what may be the most popular of graphic novels, by the edgy Hard Case Crime author, adding layers and exploring the nature of morality. Faced with overwhelming poverty and a pregnant wife, a tragic, struggling comedian is forced to turn to crime. In his first heist, he is immersed in toxic chemicals that disfigure him bizarrely, driving him mad and thus giving birth to The Joker. For years, the Clown Prince of Crime has been caught in a dance of violence with his greatest nemesis, the Batman. Escaping Arkham Asylum, he plots his most lethal caper. This will be the ultimate punch line... his KILLING JOKE. In their mission to protect Gotham City, Batman and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) pursue ruthless criminals such as the grandiose Maxie Zeus and Antonio "Python" Palmares. Simultaneously, Commissioner James Gordon and Detective Harvey Bullock take on a cartel distributing the latest designer drug--"giggle sniff," derived from a venom created by The Joker. This rapid-fire sequence of events spirals together to threaten Batman's closest friends and allies, and locks the two eternal foes in their ultimate death match. Copyright © 2017 DC Comics. BATMAN, THE JOKER, THE KILLING JOKE and all related characters and elements © & TM DC Comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The Joker

The Joker Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Julia Derek
Editor: Adrenaline Books
FileSize: 654kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 654


The Joker by Julia Derek Summary

A gang of bank robbers known as the Jokers has the authorities scratching their heads. The FBI believes the bank robbers consist of meta-humans—genetically engineered humans with superior abilities—because not only are they extremely elusive, but one of them outran a speeding car. Having experience with metas, Special Agents Gabi Longoria and Ian Armory are called in to catch them. Gabi and Ian quickly figure out the identity of three of the four robbers. The fourth member, who they believe is the gang’s mastermind, remains a secret. What’s worse, he is actively trying to kill Gabi. Everywhere she goes, she has to worry about him assassinating her. The clock is ticking as she and Ian desperately try to find the Joker - before he can find her...