Human Body Knowledge Encyclopedias

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Knowledge Encyclopedia

Knowledge Encyclopedia Pdf/ePub eBook Author: DK
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1465494901
FileSize: 1752kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1752


Knowledge Encyclopedia by DK Summary

This brilliant children's encyclopedia is informative, diverse in subject matter, easy to read and brimming with ground-breaking CGI graphics that make it a truly immersive reading experience, revealing the world as you've never seen it before. An incredible, educational journey through space and time on planet Earth and beyond. This is the perfect educational book for a young explorer. Experience the Big Bang at the beginning of the universe and travel through our world's rich history right up until the digital world we live in today. This magnificent general knowledge book will entertain and educate. A breath-taking comprehensive guide to planet Earth and the universe that is guaranteed to boost your child's brainpower. It covers the complexities of space, science, nature, technology, art, history, and culture, which are broken down into bite-sized chunks supported by statistics, maps, timelines, and cutting-edge graphics to make even the most complex subjects easy to understand. Look inside an Apollo spacecraft, a volcano, or the body of a T-rex! Learn about the Big Bang and the science behind fireworks. Then explore the galaxies and stars back to Earth, and in and around the mechanics of the human body. This fully updated edition of Knowledge Encyclopedia is the perfect fact book for kids of all ages to go on an adventure through its pages. Explore, Discover And Learn! Spend quality time exploring our universe, accompanied by impressive visuals to engage their senses. Discover the mysteries of Tutankhamun's tomb, what powers tsunamis, tornadoes, and earthquakes or witness the birth of a star in all its glory and learn about the secrets held in our DNA. You can also go back in time to the building of the Great Wall of China or walk the scarred battlefields of two World Wars. Knowledge Encyclopedia uncovers the marvels of our world in unprecedented detail and with stunning realism. This kid's educational book opens the world in new ways through: - Amazing insights into space and the universe - Interesting facts about Earth - A closer look at nature - Diving into the human body - The amazing world of science - Our world's history Knowledge Encyclopedia is part of a children's encyclopedia set forming the Knowledge Encyclopedia educational series. Complete this collection of books for kids to keep your little ones entertained while learning more about the world around them. This series includes Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur!, History!, Space!, Ocean! and more.

Human Body

Human Body Pdf/ePub eBook Author: DK
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1465401431
FileSize: 931kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 931


Human Body by DK Summary

From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia is a book to excite and educate a child's inquisitive mind. This definitive guide includes exciting pictures and facts on over 100 body parts that encourage your child to learn about their remarkable bodies. They'll meet the engine room of the body, the beating heart; the brilliant brain; the amazing lungs and the super skeleton. Let your child learn what makes the body tick with Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia. Supports Common Core State Standards.

The New Children's Encyclopedia

The New Children's Encyclopedia Pdf/ePub eBook Author: DK
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1465499628
FileSize: 906kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 906


The New Children's Encyclopedia by DK Summary

This stimulating and comprehensive encyclopedia for children ages 8-12 provides answers to all the questions kids love to ask. Each chapter is jam-packed with maps, charts, timelines, diagrams, beautiful images, and amazing facts. Did you know, for example, that a single drop of blood contains around five million blood cells? Or that there are areas of desert in all seven of Earth's continents? Kids can build their knowledge on a wide range of topics-including Earth and beyond, plants and animals, history and politics, science, technology, and the human body-arranged thematically with more than 9,000 indexed entries and 2,500 colorful images. Cross-reference icons encourage children to explore and discover linked information, feeding their curiosity and building their general knowledge. The New Children's Encyclopedia, which has sold almost 500,000 copies worldwide since 2009, has now been fully updated in line with the latest knowledge and research. Developed, written, and checked by experts, this is the must-have reference book for every child's library.

The Everything KIDS' Human Body Book

The Everything KIDS' Human Body Book Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Sheri Amsel
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1440556601
FileSize: 761kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 761


The Everything KIDS' Human Body Book by Sheri Amsel Summary

A book about the most interesting thing on earth--you! What happens to food after you eat it? Why is your blood red? How do your bones grow? Your body is an amazing machine. Every second of the day and night--without you even knowing it--your body is busily working to keep you running smoothly. When you think about how complicated the human body is and how little goes wrong, it is really an incredible feat! So how does your body do it all? The Everything Kids' Human Body Book is the expert answer to all your questions--from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, you will learn the hows and whys of the human body. Author Sheri Amsel takes you on a journey through the body, with information on: The muscles--from your biceps to your heart Your nerves and how they transmit messages How your skin heals itself Bones, joints, and other things you shouldn't break Blood, guts, and the circulation system How your body digests food (it's not always pretty!) Why you need air and how breathing works With more than 30 different puzzles and games about the human body, plus information on how to take care of your own body with good nutrition, exercise, and more, The Everything Kids' Human Body Book is the ultimate way to learn how the body works--inside and out!

Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds

Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds Pdf/ePub eBook Author: DK
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0744020980
FileSize: 1610kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1610


Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds by DK Summary

A unique guide to the extraordinary world of plants, from the smallest seeds to the tallest trees. We couldn't live without plants. We need them for food, shelter, and even the air we breathe, yet we know surprisingly little about them. Why do thistles bristle with spines? How do some plants trap and eat insects? Did you know there are trees that are 5,000 years old? Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds explores the mysterious world of plants to find the answers to these and many more questions. Each type of plant--such as a flowering plant, tree, grass, or cactus--is examined close up, with an example shown from all angles and even in cross section, to highlight the key parts. Then picture-packed galleries show the wonderful variety of plants on different themes, perhaps the habitat they grow in, a flower family, or the plants that supply us with our staple foods. But the book also takes a fun look at some truly weird and wonderful plants, including trees with fruits like a giant's fingers, orchids that look like monkey faces, seeds that spin like helicopters, and trees that drip poison. So open this beautiful book and find out more about amazing Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds.

Knowledge Encyclopedia History!

Knowledge Encyclopedia History! Pdf/ePub eBook Author: DK
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 0744020883
FileSize: 1828kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1828


Knowledge Encyclopedia History! by DK Summary

Join us on a fascinating journey through the ages! Explore historical events through engaging explanations, incredible illustrations, and stunning computer-generated images. A gorgeously illustrated guide to the history of the world, from what everyday life was like in medieval cultures to the ground-breaking, eco-friendly innovations of today. From the disciplined armies of ancient Rome and the first flight of the Wright Brothers to World War II and post-colonial Africa, this comprehensive history book brings historical events to life in incredible detail. World history is charted and celebrated from every angle in this reference book. Perfect for making home learning fun, young readers will get to see what history looked like through spectacular computer-generated images of key people, places, and events. Discover fantastic facts about the history of everything. Comprehensive and authoritative information on a massive range of topics will inspire young minds to learn more about history. Find out what everyday life was like in Egypt and how inventions like the printer came about, and understand why the world went to war - twice. Packed with vivid depictions of history, this complete visual reference guide shows you what other encyclopedias only tell you. Peek inside ancient buildings, meet ferocious samurai warriors and marvel at elaborate outfits, all through highly detailed CGI images. A Fascinating Introduction to The World Through Time Find out fun facts that will amaze and surprise you, and answer your burning questions about some of history's key events, like the French Revolution or the Golden Age of Cinema. This book will transport you to the most exciting times of the past, from our earliest ancestors right up to the world we live in today. Journey back in time with this educational book of the events of the past! - The Ancient World - The Medieval World - The Age of Revolution - The Age of Exploration - The Modern World Complete the Series: DK Book's Knowledge Encyclopedia Series makes the most complex subjects easy to understand. Discover everything you need to know about the human body in Knowledge Encyclopedia Human Body!, learn about the most exciting parts of space in Knowledge Encyclopedia Space!, and many more!

Anatomy And Physiology: Learning All About You For Kids

Anatomy And Physiology: Learning All About You For Kids Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Speedy Publishing LLC
Editor: Speedy Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1682806995
FileSize: 1567kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1567


Anatomy And Physiology: Learning All About You For Kids by Speedy Publishing LLC Summary

This wonderful book taps into a child's imagination and natural desire for exploration. With fun, innovative tools for children to explore the various parts of human anatomy and the way our biological systems work, learning will seem like an adventure! This book helps to build knowledge and skills to help your child for years to come. Order your copy today!

Human Body

Human Body Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Adolf Faller,Michael Schuenke
Editor: Thieme
ISBN: 1604061162
FileSize: 1277kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1277


Human Body by Adolf Faller,Michael Schuenke Summary

This exceptional resource offers a broad review of the structure and function of the human body. Each chapter is dedicated to a particular organ system, providing medical and allied health students and professionals with quick and comprehensive coverage of anatomy and physiology.Features: All concepts are reinforced by detailed overviews at the beginning of each chapter, and summaries at the end In-depth information on cell-biology, genetics, and human evolution provides a conceptual framework for understanding the human body Detailed text complements 271 full-color illustrations to help readers visualize and grasp complex subjects Key sections on how antioxidants and active substances in plants affect the digestive system First year medical students and allied health professionals will benefit from the text's extensive scope and clear presentation. Knowledge of the human body's structures and functions is essential for every level of practice, and this indispensable guide is a definitive encyclopedia on the subject.Studying or teaching anatomy? We have the educational e-products you need.Students can use to study full-color illustrations using the handy labels-on, labels-off function and take timed self-tests.Instructors can use the Thieme Teaching Assistant: Anatomy to download and easily import 2,000+ full-color illustrations to enhance presentations, course materials, and handouts.

Encyclopedia of Perception

Encyclopedia of Perception Pdf/ePub eBook Author: E. Bruce Goldstein
Editor: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1506332730
FileSize: 703kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 703


Encyclopedia of Perception by E. Bruce Goldstein Summary

The field of perception is devoted to explaining the operation of the senses and the experiences and behaviors resulting from stimulation of the senses. Perceptual processes such as recognizing faces, seeing color, hearing music, and feeling pain represent the actions of complex mechanisms, yet we usually do them easily. The Encyclopedia of Perception presents a comprehensive overview of the field of perception through authoritative essays written by leading researchers and theoreticians in psychology, the cognitive sciences, neuroscience, and medical disciplines. It presents two parallel and interacting approaches: the psychophysical, or determining the relationship between stimuli in the environment and perception, and the physiological, or locating the biological systems responsible for perception. Are there any processes not associated with perception? Surely there are, but the pervasiveness of perception is truly impressive, and the phenomena of perception and its mechanisms are what this encyclopedia is about. Key Features Contains 16 pages of color illustration and photography to accompany the entries Offers a varied and broad list of topics, including basic research as well as methodologies, theoretical approaches, and real-world applications of perceptual research Emphasizes human perception but includes ample research because of its importance in its own right and because of what this research tells us about human perception Written by recognized experts from many disciplines but for an audience with no previous background in perception—students and members of the general public alike Key Themes Action Attention Audition Chemical Senses Cognition and Perception Computers and Perception Consciousness Disorders of Perception Illusory Perceptions Individual Differences (Human) and Comparative (Across Species; Not Including Ageing, Disorders, and Perceptual Development) Methods Perceptual Development/Experience Philosophical Approaches Physiological Processes Sense Interaction Skin and Body Senses Theoretical Approaches Visual Perception

Student's Encyclopedia of General Knowledge

Student's Encyclopedia of General Knowledge Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Azeem Ahmad Khan,Dr Ruth Premi,General Press
ISBN: 9380914199
FileSize: 1031kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1031


Student's Encyclopedia of General Knowledge by Azeem Ahmad Khan,Dr Ruth Premi,General Press Summary

This encyclopedia is the best source of information and reference in a single volume, particularly for students of classes III to VIII. It provides the best of GK to its readers. Every piece of information is authentic - culled together from several areas of knowledge ranging from encyclopedias, fact books, year books, official government releases, internet and other reliable sources - and verified for accuracy. Salient Features: • The best reference book for students, teachers and parents • Includes the most up-to-date facts & figures • Alphabetical order of entries in each chapter • Believe It or Not' boxes contain over 100 amazing facts • Quiz at the end contains 200 important questions • Over 100 lavish & spectacular illustrations • Index contains around 200 direct & cross entries Table of Contents: • Common abbreviations • Famous books (India) • Famous books (World) • Hello India • Presidents of India • Prime Ministers of India • Indian states and their capitals • Indian states and their languages • Dances of India • Countries and their capitals • Countries and their currencies • Countries and their natives • Countries and their languages • Countries and their religions • Continents and countries • Changed names of some places • Geographical epithets • Riverside cities • Cities associated with industries • Number of players • Names of playgrounds • National games • Olympic Games • World Cup Soccer • World Cup Cricket • Famous sportspersons • Sports cups and trophies • Sports terms • Sports measurements • Sports stadiums in India • Places associated with sports • First in India • First in the world • Popular titles of famous personalities • Nationalities of famous personalities • Famous founders • Popular slogans • Animal records • Animal facts • National parks and sanctuaries • Famous sites (India) • Famous sites (World) • India's superlatives • World's superlatives • Seven Wonders of the ancient world • Museums in India • United Nations • Nobel Prize • Indian Nobel Laureates • Bharat Ratna • National Awards • Inventions • Scientific discoveries • Scientific instruments • Branches of science • The planets • Body facts • Vitamins • Diseases and human body • Festivals of India • Major religions • Important days • Important events in Indian history • Important events in world history • Fictional characters and their creators • Defining places • Different subjects • Professionals • Important terms • World records held by India(ns) • Newspapers and periodicals • The top 5 • Miscellaneous • Quiz • Answers • Index (Student's Encyclopedia of General Knowledge by Azeem Ahmad Khan, Dr Ruth Premi, 9789380914190)

The Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia

The Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Project Gutenberg
Editor: Prabhat Prakashan
FileSize: 436kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 436


The Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia by Project Gutenberg Summary

"The Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia is a reproduction of a 1911 edition of a famous encyclopedia. The text has not been updated. Although the text is in the public domain in the United States, the original publisher still has a valid trademark in the original title of the encyclopedia. The original publisher offered Project Gutenberg a license to use the trademark, but the terms of the license were not consistent with the volunteer noncommercial nature of Project Gutenberg or its primary goal of distributing electronic text with the fewest possible restrictions." -from Gutenberg

Atlas Of Human Anatomy Just For Kids

Atlas Of Human Anatomy Just For Kids Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Speedy Publishing
Editor: Speedy Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1681275635
FileSize: 1364kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1364


Atlas Of Human Anatomy Just For Kids by Speedy Publishing Summary

Kids usually come to a time in their childhood when they wonder about life and how the human body works. Often times, however, parents do not have the knowledge, the resources or the creativity to teach their children about how the human body works. A book about human anatomy would relieve parents of that burden while enriching children with more knowledge.

The Subtle Body

The Subtle Body Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Cyndi Dale
Editor: Sounds True
ISBN: 1591798272
FileSize: 1889kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1889


The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale Summary

Welcome to the first comprehensive encyclopedia of the human energetic anatomy. Here is a reference that no personal or professional health-care library should be without—an in-depth, illustrated guide to the invisible energies of the spirit, psyche, and consciousness that influence every aspect of our well-being. Whether you are looking for the right complementary medicine to enhance your own healing practice, seeking perennial wisdom about your body’s energetic nature from world traditions, or exploring the quantum edge of intention-based care, The Subtle Body is an indispensible companion for exploring virtually any facet of holistic healing. Created for healing professionals and patients alike, this volume provides a lexicon of terms, illustrations, and detailed entries about our energetic biology and how it relates to our physical being. This invaluable information will help you enhance any form of health care and give you the knowledge you need to develop an integrated approach for your clients’ well-being—or your own. All healers are "energetic" healers, whether they know it or not. Because every health issue has a physical and an energetic component, even a simple physical treatment like bandaging a cut also impacts the body's spiritual, mental, and emotional welfare. The Subtle Body is a comprehensive encyclopedia devoted to the critical world of our invisible anatomy, where so much of healing actually occurs. Compiled by intuitive healer and scholar Cyndi Dale, this 500-page full color illustrated reference book covers: What is the "subtle body"? New scientific understanding of our quantum-state existence and the unseen fields that determine our physical condition True integrative care: how combining Eastern energetic modalities with Western scientific rigor yields optimum results The meridians, fields, and chakras: detailed information and diagrams about the role of these energetic structures in our overall health Energy-based therapy principles from the world's healing traditions--including Ayurveda, Qigong, Reiki, Quabalah, and many more For professionals who want to make the leap from being good healers to great ones, one thing is clear: we need to care for every facet of our well-being. With The Subtle Body, practitioners and patients alike now have an unprecedented resource for understanding the physical, energetic, and spiritual elements of human health--for an informed, complete approach to healing.

DK Children's Encyclopedia

DK Children's Encyclopedia Pdf/ePub eBook Author: DK
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1465472428
FileSize: 1758kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1758


DK Children's Encyclopedia by DK Summary

The ultimate book of knowledge for kids aged 7 to 9, this thorough children's encyclopedia contains all the homework answers your kids will need, explained clearly and checked by experts. An engaging, traditional-style general reference book for kids covering all the key subjects including Arts, People, History, Earth, Nature, Science, Technology, Space, and the Human Body in alphabetical order. This encyclopedia for children is a must-have resource for every student's shelf, with age-appropriate, jargon-free text accompanied by stunning, detailed images covering over 240 topics all in one place, from science and nature to history and the arts. Essential for any child who wants to discover as much as possible about the world around them. Packed with information, each single-page entry in this fabulous kid's encyclopedia features a key topic explained in a concise manner accompanied by gorgeous visuals, fun facts about the world and extensive cross-references revealing the links between subject areas. Kids can learn about Ancient Rome, chemistry, evolution, microscopic life, robots, Vikings, and so much more. Written, edited, and designed by a team of experts, vetted by educational consultants, and properly levelled to the reading age, this is the ultimate knowledge book for kids. Explore, Wonder And Learn! The ultimate illustrated children's encyclopedia is packed with thousands of incredible and essential facts on favourite subjects! Beautiful illustrations, colourful maps, and magnificent photographs bring every single page to life. Inspiring and informative, the DK Children's Encyclopedia is a book of wonder that will absorb and engage children of all ages. This kid's educational book covers topics like: -Storytelling, changing the world, music and war -Films, technology, inventions, food and clothes -Explorers, planets and pets -And so much more!

Encyclopedia of Body Language

Encyclopedia of Body Language Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Alan Elangovan
Editor: Partridge Publishing Singapore
ISBN: 1543757820
FileSize: 1758kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1758


Encyclopedia of Body Language by Alan Elangovan Summary

Embarking on the need to have an encyclopedia of body language was a task nursed for years and stirred fear in me for many reasons. First, it was pictured to be a novel project which would surpass the yearnings of people in the field. And also, the structure which it was to take was another daunting issue. However, all these issues only spurred me into bringing out quality work, one that would stand the test of time and cause a turning point in the life of every reader. This book adopts a unique structure of research; its perfect combination of raw knowledge and scholarly findings from across the world makes it stand out from other texts. The book reels out how to relate with people and understand their behaviors through nonverbal acts. It considers all the attributes of human body parts while communicating with others. However, before you can understand others, there is a need to understand yourself first. This is another aspect that this encyclopedia delves into; it explains ways in which you can maintain a charming and result-oriented posture in order to command respect from others during any given discourse. This is a potential tool you need to apply in order to make others open to you. This book explains ways in which you can fish out someone who is trying to play on your intelligence through their body language. In conclusion, this book gives a practical outline of how to activate the subconscious and conscious brains in working in tandem in order to understand the intents of co-interlocutor.

International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors, Second Edition - 3 Volume Set

International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors, Second Edition - 3 Volume Set Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Informa Healthcare,Waldemar Karwowski
Editor: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780849375477
FileSize: 658kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 658


International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors, Second Edition - 3 Volume Set by Informa Healthcare,Waldemar Karwowski Summary

The previous edition of the International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors made history as the first unified source of reliable information drawn from many realms of science and technology and created specifically with ergonomics professionals in mind. It was also a winner of the Best Reference Award 2002 from the Engineering Libraries Division, American Society of Engineering Education, USA, and the Outstanding Academic Title 2002 from Choice Magazine. Not content to rest on his laurels, human factors and ergonomics expert Professor Waldemar Karwowski has overhauled his standard-setting resource, incorporating coverage of tried and true methods, fundamental principles, and major paradigm shifts in philosophy, thought, and design. Demonstrating the truly interdisciplinary nature of this field, these changes make the second edition even more comprehensive, more informative, more, in a word, encyclopedic. Keeping the format popularized by the first edition, the new edition has been completely revised and updated. Divided into 13 sections and organized alphabetically within each section, the entries provide a clear and simple outline of the topics as well as precise and practical information. The book reviews applications, tools, and innovative concepts related to ergonomic research. Technical terms are defined (where possible) within entries as well as in a glossary. Students and professionals will find this format invaluable, whether they have ergonomics, engineering, computing, or psychology backgrounds. Experts and researchers will also find it an excellent source of information on areas beyond the range of their direct interests.

Encyclopedia of Body Sculpting after Massive Weight Loss

Encyclopedia of Body Sculpting after Massive Weight Loss Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Berish Strauch,Charles K. Herman
Editor: Thieme
ISBN: 1604062487
FileSize: 1681kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1681


Encyclopedia of Body Sculpting after Massive Weight Loss by Berish Strauch,Charles K. Herman Summary

Encyclopedia of Body Sculpting after Massive Weight Loss provides uniquely comprehensive coverage of a variety of state-of-the-art surgical body modification procedures for the patient who has overcome obesity.The text begins with an introduction to the particular physiologic and psychological implications of massive weight loss, including the effects on nutrition, anesthesia, pain control, and psychology, and a review of the current techniques utilized in bariatric surgery. The sections that follow feature concise descriptions and full-color illustrations that guide readers through each region of the body, from the face and neck, through the breasts, arms and mid-abdomen, to the back and thighs. Expert authors from around the world, many of whom are the innovators of the procedure they describe, offer multiple surgical options for each anatomic region in order to give readers the opportunity to choose the optimal approach for their specific patient.Features 466 full-color illustrations demonstrate preoperative appearances, operative techniques, and postoperative outcomes An accompanying DVD contains 17 narrated videos -- over one hour of footage -- of actual procedures as performed by the authors Detailed discussion of safety considerations, as well as how to recognize and treat surgical complications Practical tips on how to handle anesthesia concerns and pain control Valuable information on nutrition and the psychiatric management of eating disorders With obesity on the rise and the marked increase in bariatric procedures over the past decade, this highly relevant reference is essential reading for every practicing plastic and reconstructive surgeon, bariatric surgeon, and weight loss physician, as well as for all residents or fellows in the field.

International Companion Encyclopedia of Children's Literature

International Companion Encyclopedia of Children's Literature Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Peter Hunt
Editor: Routledge
ISBN: 1134879946
FileSize: 1776kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1776


International Companion Encyclopedia of Children's Literature by Peter Hunt Summary

The International Companion Encyclopedia answers these questions and provides comprehensive coverage of children's literature from a wide range of perspectives. Over 80 substantial essays by world experts include Iona Opie on the oral tradition, Gillian Avery on family stories and Michael Rosen on audio, TV and other media. The Companion covers a broad range of topics, from the fairy tale to critical theory, from the classics to comics. Structure The Companion is divided into five sections: 1) Theory and Critical Approaches 2) Types and Genres 3) The Context of Children's Literature 4) Applications of Children's Literature 5) The World of Children's Literature Each essay is followed by references and suggestions for further reading. The volume is fully indexed.

The Element Encyclopedia of the Psychic World: The Ultimate A–Z of Spirits, Mysteries and the Paranormal

The Element Encyclopedia of the Psychic World: The Ultimate A–Z of Spirits, Mysteries and the Paranormal Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Theresa Cheung
Editor: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007387172
FileSize: 741kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 741


The Element Encyclopedia of the Psychic World: The Ultimate A–Z of Spirits, Mysteries and the Paranormal by Theresa Cheung Summary

This is the definitive A-Z reference book on all things psychic, mysterious and paranormal – the marvels, secrets and mysteries of the visible and the invisible world. This wonderful guide covers everything you could want to know including ghosts, strange phenomena, people, places, events, and ideas.

Your Body: 100 Illustrated Fun Facts

Your Body: 100 Illustrated Fun Facts Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Katy Gleit
Editor: Osmora Incorporated
ISBN: 2765905460
FileSize: 1193kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1193


Your Body: 100 Illustrated Fun Facts by Katy Gleit Summary

This picture book is a great teaching tool for your little one and for you. It is like illustrated encyclopedia of human body for every kid. The pictures are clear and the colors are nice. If you are ready to challenge your mind and prove to everyone that you are the king of human body knowledge, then pick up this book and prepare for the ultimate trivia experience. Test your fact knowledge as you look at some of the most captivating facts about human body. Do you know that? In one day, your blood travels 12,000 miles around your body. That’s four times the distance across the US from coast-to-coast. The only part of the body that has no blood supply is the cornea in the eye. It takes in oxygen directly from the air. The enamel on the top surface of our tooth is the hardest part of the entire body. You have no sense of smell when you're sleeping. The brain grows quickest till the age of 5. Every drop of blood in your body is filtered by your body over 300 times a day. Your skeleton keeps changing every 10 years that means your bodies keep renewing themselves so every 10 year you have a new skeleton. Blinking helps to wash tears over our eyeballs. That keeps them clean and moist. Our fingers don't have any muscles. The muscles which move our finger joints are located in the palm and up in the forearm. An average person has over 1,460 dreams a year which is about 4 dreams every night. All babies are color blind when they are born so they only see black and white. Blood is 6 times thicker than water. Inside all of us is around 0.2 milligrams of gold, most of which is in our blood. If the human brain were a computer, it could perform 38 thousand-trillion operations per second. The world’s most powerful supercomputer can manage only .002% of that. As you read this book over and over to your child it won't be long before they are the ones pointing to the picture and telling you what it is. The author Katy Gleit wrote this book for her own two grandchildren Dani and Deia: In "Your Body: 100 Illustrated Fun Facts " your children are given a well-selected knowledge along with entertaining information about the human body. In addition, a set of wonderful pictures show exactly what a human body looks like.