Susanna Wesley Servant Of God

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Susanna Wesley

Susanna Wesley Pdf/ePub eBook Author: ,
Editor: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 9781575679914
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Susanna Wesley by , Summary

The story of Susanna Wesley, mother of Charles and John Wesley, founders of the Methodist Church. A bright, beautiful woman whose life was turbulent but whose faith never wavered.

Susanna Wesley

Susanna Wesley Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ray Comfort,Trisha Ramos
Editor: Destiny Image Publishers
ISBN: 1458798887
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Susanna Wesley by Ray Comfort,Trisha Ramos Summary

A Virtuous Woman The life of Susanna Wesley (1669-1742) is both intriguing and illuminating to explore. This book presents her life in ways that will astound the modern reader. Susanna and her husband, Samuel, had nineteen children, ten of whom survived to adulthood. Her son Charles became a well-known hymn writer and her son John became the founder of Methodism. Susanna was brought up in a Puritan home as the youngest of twenty-five children. As a teenager, she became a member of the Church of England. She became the wife of a chronically debt-ridden parish rector in an English village. She said, “I have had a large experience of what the world calls adverse fortune.” Nonetheless, Susanna managed to pass down to her children Christian principles that stayed with them. Ray Comfort and Trisha Ramos quote from Susanna’s many letters and other sources to reveal a true woman of faith, who strongly endured the trials of life. Susanna Wesley: Her Remarkable Life gives readers a generous glimpse into the life of this exemplary wife and mother. In addition, the authors provide us with contemporary illustrations and faith-building stories that parallel Susanna’s experiences of walking out her faith.

Susanna Wesley

Susanna Wesley Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Susanna Wesley
Editor: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199879451
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Susanna Wesley by Susanna Wesley Summary

Susanna Wesley, long celebrated in Methodist mythology as mother of the movement's founders, now takes place as a practical theologian in her own right. This collection of her letters, spiritual diary, and longer treatises (only one of which was published in her lifetime) shows her to be more than the nurturing mother of Wesleyan legend. It also reveals her to be a well-educated woman in conversation with contemporary theological, philosophical, and literary works. Her quotations and allusions include Locke, Pascal, and Herbert, as well as a number of now forgotten theologians. In some of her work, one can distinguish doctrinal and spiritual leanings, such as Arminianism and Christian perfection, that would later find wide expression in the spread of Methodism. Further, her writings demonstrate her readiness, for conscience's sake, to stand up to the men in her life--father, husband, and sons---and the three incarnations of English Protestantism they represented: respectively, Puritanism, the Established Church, and the new Methodist movement. Tracing these incidents in her letters and diaries, a reader can begin to understand how spirituality, even an otherwise conservative one in rather restrictive times, can serve to empower the voice of women.

Deep & Wide

Deep & Wide Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Marcie D. Cramsey
Editor: WestBow Press
ISBN: 144978495X
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Deep & Wide by Marcie D. Cramsey Summary

What makes some children love God with all their heart and others reject Him? What can a parent do to fight against this evil culture that wants to rob, steal, and kill their children’s relationship with Christ? As most of us know, the enemy uses many tools to influence our children so they will rebel and reject the Lord. Being young, curious, and easily deceived, they make great targets for the evil one. This book prepares parents to fill the kind of roles in their children’s lives that are needed in order for their children to develop a close relationship with them and with Christ. Parents can learn how to help their children be proactive in their faith with Christ and lead themselves and others with God’s love and power in an evil culture, and not be led by it. Parents can find hope, practical help, and motivation to move forward. With God, parents can scale a wall and advance against a troop; no matter the difficulties they face, they can do all things through Christ who gives them great strength and weighty influence to lead their children.

The Daniel Prayer

The Daniel Prayer Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Anne Graham Lotz
Editor: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310344859
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The Daniel Prayer by Anne Graham Lotz Summary

Many people today find that their prayers don’t “work.” And like a broken cell phone, DVD player, or TV remote, they throw prayer out as unnecessary “clutter” in their busy lives. Anne Graham Lotz has found that while prayer does work, sometimes the “pray-ers” don’t. So she has turned to the prophet Daniel for help. The Daniel Prayer is born deep within your soul, erupts through your heart, and pours out on your lips, words created by and infused with the Spirit of God quivering with spiritual electricity. It’s really not an everyday type of prayer. It’s a prayer birthed under pressure. Heartache. Grief. Desperation. It can be triggered by a sudden revelation of hope. An answer to prayer, a promise freshly received, a miracle that lies just over the horizon. Join Anne in a thrilling discovery of prayer that really works. This book will help you pray effectively for your nation, for your families, and for yourself.


Susie Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ray Rhodes Jr.
Editor: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 0802496768
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Susie by Ray Rhodes Jr. Summary

The definitive biography of Susannah Spurgeon. While many Christians recognize the name of Charles H. Spurgeon, the beloved preacher and writer, few are familiar with the life and legacy of his wife, Susie. Yet Susannah Spurgeon was an accomplished and devout woman of God who had a tremendous ministry in her own right, as well as in support of her husband. Even while dealing with serious health issues, she administered a book fund for poor pastors, edited and published her husband’s sermons and other writings, led a pastor’s aid ministry, wrote five books, made her home a hub of hospitality, and was instrumental in planting a church. And as her own writing attests, she was also a warm, charming, and fascinating woman. Now, for the first time, Susie brings this vibrant woman’s story to modern readers. Ray Rhodes Jr. examines Susannah’s life, showing that she was not only the wife of London’s most famous preacher, but also a woman who gave all she had in grateful service to the Lord. Susie is an inspiring and encouraging account of a truly remarkable woman of faith that will delight Spurgeon devotees and fans of Christian biographies alike. “I am writing in my husband’s study, where he thought, and prayed, and wrote. Every inch of the place is sacred ground. Everything remains precisely as he left it. His books (now my most precious possessions), stand in shining rows upon the shelves, in exactly the order in which he placed them, and one might almost fancy the room was ready and waiting for its master. But oh! That empty chair! That great portrait over the door! The strange, solemn silence, which pervades the place now that he is no longer on earth! I kneel sometimes by his chair, and laying my head on the cushioned arms, which so long supported his dear form, I pour out my grief before the Lord, and tell Him again that though I am left alone, yet I know that ‘He hath done all things well’…”

The Heart of John Wesley's Journal

The Heart of John Wesley's Journal Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John Wesley
Editor: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1592443699
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The Heart of John Wesley's Journal by John Wesley Summary