The Ultimate Book Of Space

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Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier

Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Neil deGrasse Tyson
Editor: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393082911
FileSize: 469kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 469


Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier by Neil deGrasse Tyson Summary

“A compelling appeal, at just the right time, for continuing to look up.”—Air & Space America’s space program is at a turning point. After decades of global primacy, NASA has ended the space-shuttle program, cutting off its access to space. No astronauts will be launched in an American craft, from American soil, until the 2020s, and NASA may soon find itself eclipsed by other countries’ space programs. With his signature wit and thought-provoking insights, Neil deGrasse Tyson—one of our foremost thinkers on all things space—illuminates the past, present, and future of space exploration and brilliantly reminds us why NASA matters now as much as ever. As Tyson reveals, exploring the space frontier can profoundly enrich many aspects of our daily lives, from education systems and the economy to national security and morale. For America to maintain its status as a global leader and a technological innovator, he explains, we must regain our enthusiasm and curiosity about what lies beyond our world. Provocative, humorous, and wonderfully readable, Space Chronicles represents the best of Tyson’s recent commentary, including a must-read prologue on NASA and partisan politics. Reflecting on topics that range from scientific literacy to space-travel missteps, Tyson gives us an urgent, clear-eyed, and ultimately inspiring vision for the future.

Life, the Universe and Everything

Life, the Universe and Everything Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Douglas Adams
Editor: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0330513141
FileSize: 762kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 762


Life, the Universe and Everything by Douglas Adams Summary

In Life, the Universe and Everything, the third title in Douglas Adams' blockbusting sci-fi comedy series, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Arthur Dent finds himself enlisted to prevent a galactic war. This edition includes exclusive bonus material from the Douglas Adams archives, and an introduction by Simon Brett, producer of the original radio broadcast. Following a number of stunning catastrophes, which have involved him being alternately blown up and insulted in ever stranger regions of the Galaxy, Arthur Dent is surprised to find himself living in a cave on prehistoric Earth. However, just as he thinks that things cannot get possibly worse, they suddenly do. An eddy in the space-time continuum lands him, Ford Prefect, and their flying sofa in the middle of the cricket ground at Lord's, just two days before the world is due to be destroyed by the Vogons. Escaping the end of the world for a second time, Arthur, Ford, and their old friend Slartibartfast embark (reluctantly) on a mission to save the whole galaxy from fanatical robots. Not bad for a man in his dressing gown . . . Follow Arthur Dent's galactic (mis)adventures in the rest of the trilogy with five parts: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, and Mostly Harmless.

A Journey In Other Worlds

A Journey In Other Worlds Pdf/ePub eBook Author: John Jacob Astor
Editor: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 132684850X
FileSize: 615kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 615


A Journey In Other Worlds by John Jacob Astor Summary

'A Journey In Other Worlds' is a science fiction novel by John Jacob Astor IV, published in 1894. It offers a fictional account of life in the year 2000 and speculates about technological invention, including descriptions of a worldwide telephone network, solar power, air travel, space travel to the planets Saturn and Jupiter, and terraforming engineering projects — damming the Arctic Ocean, and adjusting the Earth's axial tilt. A work both of vision and fancy - Jupiter, for instance, proves to be a jungle world, with flesh-eating plants, vampire bats, giant snakes, mastodons and flying lizards - the novel is Astor's best known work. One of the richest people in the world in the early 20th century, Astor was tragically lost at sea in the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

The Ultimate Book for Overcoming Dyslexia - Tools for Kids, Teenagers & Adults

The Ultimate Book for Overcoming Dyslexia - Tools for Kids, Teenagers & Adults Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jessica Caplain
Editor: JNR via PublishDrive
FileSize: 310kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 310


The Ultimate Book for Overcoming Dyslexia - Tools for Kids, Teenagers & Adults by Jessica Caplain Summary

How To Handle And Plan Your Kid's Life To Get A Handle On His Dyslexia Condition Know The Secrets Of Overcoming Dyslexia With This Book! You have chosen this book because you are thinking of your child’s well-being. He may be having a hard time keeping up in class, often makes spelling errors and hates to read even the simplest of words. You may have been seeking for some advice on what you can do to help him do better in academics, particularly in reading and writing. You have probably asked yourself, what is wrong with my child? – And though a little hesitant, you have probably considered finally getting an assessment to clear your head from all the worries and the never-ending questions. There’s just so much to take in. What’s in the Book? This book provides you with in-depth, relevant information regarding Dyslexia (both for kids, teenagers and adults alike). Instead of being buried with mountain of theories or lose your eagerness with confusing terminologies, we’ll give you only the most straightforward facts about Dyslexia, and nothing else. The book aims to impart parents with practical ideas on hands-on activities that your child might enjoy doing, along with strategies that may benefit him for a lifetime – as there are actually plenty of tips we can utilize to help your kid stay organized and keep the b’s and d’s facing the correct way. If you found yourself reading through this intro, you have either started to consider the possibility of Dyslexia or may have already done your homework. Your child’s Individual Education Program (IEP) may already be underway, too. Whatever phase you are in at the moment, this book provides you with guidance and assurance; both medical and legal that will help you raise a strong-willed individual. Here's what you'll learn: Introduction Chapter I: Dyslexia Defined Common misconceptions Symptoms When to have your child tested What you can do at home Facts about dyslexia Dyslexia as a Specific Learning Disability (SLD) Knowing the causes Types of dyslexia Dyslexia VS ADD and ADHD Your preschooler and signs of late development Dyslexia signs in your school-age child Visible signs in teens and adults Taking action now Chapter II: Knowing When to Seek Help Delayed speech Ear infections Vision problems Issues with motor skills Getting ready for kindergarten Dyslexia is NOT a behavioural disorder Monitoring your school-aged child Starting to feel unhappy and being disorganized Talking to your child’s teacher Having your child tested for dyslexia Never too late Looking for a Test Administrator Within your child’s school district Independent Test Administrators Test results and the terminologies Section 504 Independent tutor Deciding not to test Chapter III: Exploring Your Options Traditional public schools Assessments School programs Help beyond the classroom Meeting the school staff Getting to know the resource teacher The support staff The principal Alternative schooling Magnet schools Montessori schools Deciding on a school Home schooling Reading textbooks Looking for workbooks Extra materials Individualized Education Program IEP meeting IEP document: The fine print Preparing for the IEP meeting Acts governing the IEP Knowing your and your child’s rights Avoiding the land mines Retention Chapter IV: Doing Your Part in Your Child’s Treatment Dealing with rhyming words Getting used to phonics Using kindness to manage your child’s difficulties Multisensory learning Making homework more enjoyable Unleashing the happy hormones Helping your child manage everyday challenges How to listen to your child Empowering your child Responding to your child’s mistakes Teaching directions Navigation Improving hand-eye coordination during play Copying Telling time Remembering a sequence Maintaining peace and order at home Chapter V: Dyslexia: Beyond the Childhood Years Boosting your child’s self-confidence Facing school-related challenges Dealing with all the reading and writing The importance of note-taking Studying foreign languages Planning for college and career Developing work skills Heading off to college Entrance exam Looking for schools and majors Disability programs Dealing with applications and interviews Picking the school Seeking financial assistance Dyslexia in adulthood Building a family Download this book today

The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists

The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jamie Frater
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 156975800X
FileSize: 1938kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1938


The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists by Jamie Frater Summary

BIZARRE STUFF, AMAZING FACTS, ASTONISHING MYSTERIES, NATURAL WONDERS, LITTLE-KNOWN PEOPLE, USEFUL TIPS AND MUCH, MUCH MORE From crime, movies and music to science, history and literature, this book offers an incredible array of intriguing top-10 lists, including: •Urban Legends—Debunked •Influential People Who Never Lived •Ancient Methods of Execution •Poisonous Foods We Love to Eat •Inventions of the Middle Ages •Gruesome Fairytale Origins •Secret Societies •Amazing Film Swordfights •Bizarre Animal Mating Rituals •Misconceptions About Evolution •Tips for Frugal Living •Fascinating Graveyards You Must See

The Ultimate Book of Useless Information

The Ultimate Book of Useless Information Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Noel Botham
Editor: Penguin
ISBN: 1101051035
FileSize: 364kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 364


The Ultimate Book of Useless Information by Noel Botham Summary

Bigger, better, and more useless than ever! In their groundbreakingly useless book, The Book of Useless Information, the members of the Useless Information Society proved that knowledge doesn't have to be useful to be entertaining. Now they present a new collection of their most fascinating, hilarious, and wholly trivial findings. The Ultimate Book of Useless Information includes such "did you knows" as: - Peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite - The average person spends two weeks of their life kissing - And giraffes have no vocal cords

The Ultimate Book of Darts

The Ultimate Book of Darts Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Anne Kramer
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1626365261
FileSize: 858kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 858


The Ultimate Book of Darts by Anne Kramer Summary

Share in the euphoria that comes of the “kill shot” by learning the skills and techniques required to play a great game of darts. From the history of the sport to choosing the right type of equipment, The Ultimate Book of Darts is written in an accessible style that is perfect for both novices and seasoned professionals. Dart throwing is now a global phenomenon with new players emerging every day. This amazing sport demands remarkable precision and an agile mind from its competitors. Learn the rules for playing team games and tips for improving your score and ability for more advanced competitions. Author Anne Kramer focuses on the mechanics of dart throwing by discussing the pros and cons of various stances, such as toes square to the line versus one foot behind the other. This guide emphasizes good form over accuracy. If you develop good form, the accuracy will follow. Aside from mechanics this book also discusses the necessary equipment from types of darts to board materials, dimensions, and mounting. Whether you’re an expert marksman who competes in a pub league or a guy who just enjoys throwing sharp objects, this is the go-to guide to a longstanding and fun tradition.

The Ultimate Book of Saturday Science

The Ultimate Book of Saturday Science Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Neil A. Downie
Editor: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400841739
FileSize: 614kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 614


The Ultimate Book of Saturday Science by Neil A. Downie Summary

The Ultimate Book of Saturday Science is Neil Downie's biggest and most astounding compendium yet of science experiments you can do in your own kitchen or backyard using common household items. It may be the only book that encourages hands-on science learning through the use of high-velocity, air-driven carrots. Downie, the undisputed maestro of Saturday science, here reveals important principles in physics, engineering, and chemistry through such marvels as the Helevator--a contraption that's half helicopter, half elevator--and the Rocket Railroad, which pumps propellant up from its own track. The Riddle of the Sands demonstrates why some granular materials form steep cones when poured while others collapse in an avalanche. The Sunbeam Exploder creates a combustible delivery system out of sunlight, while the Red Hot Memory experiment shows you how to store data as heat. Want to learn to tell time using a knife and some butter? There's a whole section devoted to exotic clocks and oscillators that teaches you how. The Ultimate Book of Saturday Science features more than seventy fun and astonishing experiments that range in difficulty from simple to more challenging. All of them are original, and all are guaranteed to work. Downie provides instructions for each one and explains the underlying science, and also presents experimental variations that readers will want to try.

The Ultimate Book of Sports Movies

The Ultimate Book of Sports Movies Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ray Didinger,Glen Macnow
Editor: Running Press Adult
ISBN: 0762439211
FileSize: 1220kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1220


The Ultimate Book of Sports Movies by Ray Didinger,Glen Macnow Summary

Guys love movies. Especially sports movies, where every underdog has his day, every team achieves glory, and every hero gets his moment of redemption. Next to watching Monday Night Football, there’s nothing more enjoyable than plopping down on the couch with the remote and a bottle of beer and firing up the special-edition DVD of Rocky, Hoosiers, Caddyshack, or any other fan favorite. Now, two nationally renowned sports media personalities take on the task of ranking the top 100 sports movies of all time, including entertaining and informative lists, special features, and contributions from over 75 top sports figures. From drama to comedy to tragedy to documentary, all the greatest sports films are here, brought to life through detailed summaries, fun facts and trivia, behind-the-scenes revelations, plus images from the greatest moments in sports film history. Original comments from some of the top personalities in sports and entertainment—including Peyton and Eli Manning, Charles Barkley, Tony Romo, James Gandolfini, Bill Parcells, Dennis Quaid, Arnold Palmer, and many more—provide further insight and marketing punch.

The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas

The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Linda Dobson
Editor: Crown
ISBN: 0307560856
FileSize: 694kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 694


The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas by Linda Dobson Summary

Fun and Effective Home Learning Activities for Every Subject As a homeschooling parent, you're always looking for new and creative ways to teach your child the basics. Look no longer! Inside this innovative helper, you'll find kid-tested and parent-approved techniques for learning math, science, writing, history, manners, and more that you can easily adapt to your family's homeschooling needs. And even if you don't homeschool, you'll find this book a great teaching tool outside the classroom. You'll discover fun and educational activities for kids ages 3 to 12, including how to: ·Create maps based on favorite stories, such as Treasure Island or The Wizard of Oz ·Make letters out of French fries as an alphabet learning aid ·Explore architecture by building igloos, castles, and bridges with sugar cubes and icing ·Review spelling words by writing them on the sidewalk with chalk ·And many more! This comprehensive collection of tried-and-true—and generally inexpensive—ideas provides the best-of-the-best homeschooling activities that can be done anywhere, anytime, and by anyone.

The Ultimate Book of Rude and Politically Incorrect Jokes

The Ultimate Book of Rude and Politically Incorrect Jokes Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Allan Pease
Editor: Robson
ISBN: 191023222X
FileSize: 1216kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1216


The Ultimate Book of Rude and Politically Incorrect Jokes by Allan Pease Summary

A book containing every joke guaranteed to annoy those who like to think of themselves as politically correct. It deliberately sets out to offend "prudes and those who take life too seriously".

The Ultimate Book of Zombie Warfare and Survival

The Ultimate Book of Zombie Warfare and Survival Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Scott Kenemore
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1632201631
FileSize: 1168kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1168


The Ultimate Book of Zombie Warfare and Survival by Scott Kenemore Summary

The Gory Guide to the Walking Dead While most people know what zombies look like, do they actually know how they act? What they do during their spare time? What their work ethic is? Probably not. Enter The Ultimate Book of Zombie Warfare and Survival. From bestselling zombie author Scott Kenemore, learn all the tricks to the living dead trade. Whether you’re fighting the zombies or are a zombie yourself, this collection is all that you need to survive on your own. Included in this book are excerpts and illustrations from such helpful handbooks as: The Code of the Zombie Pirate The Art of Zombie Warfare Z.E.O. The Zen of Zombie Zombies vs. Nazis The Ultimate Book of Zombie Warfare and Survival is a one-stop shop for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the world of zombies. Whether you’re the undead seeking to make it in the business industry, fine-tune your martial arts, master your swashbuckling, or move on up the corporate ladder, this compendium is just for you. With gory full-color illustrations and insightful knowledge from the man who knows zombies better than they know themselves, The Ultimate Book of Zombie Warfare and Survival will scare, teach, and prepare you for everything you’ve ever needed to know about zombies. Skyhorse Publishing, under our Night Shade and Talos imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of titles for readers interested in science fiction (space opera, time travel, hard SF, alien invasion, near-future dystopia), fantasy (grimdark, sword and sorcery, contemporary urban fantasy, steampunk, alternative history), and horror (zombies, vampires, and the occult and supernatural), and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller, a national bestseller, or a Hugo or Nebula award-winner, we are committed to publishing quality books from a diverse group of authors.

The 2:52 Ultimate Devo for Boys

The 2:52 Ultimate Devo for Boys Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Ed Strauss
Editor: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 0310876729
FileSize: 1356kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1356


The 2:52 Ultimate Devo for Boys by Ed Strauss Summary

This 52-week devotional will help tween boys understand what being smarter, stronger, deeper, and cooler is really all about according to Luke 2:52, helping them grow up the way Jesus did—in God’s Word. In the humorous, cheeky, and sometimes gross style that makes the 2:52 series so engaging and fun for boys, this year-long devotional combines important principles with practical messages, teaching lessons boys need to learn and helping them put this valuable knowledge into practice. Each devotion presents a Bible verse, explains it, shows how it applies to boys’ lives, and offers tools to help boys live in a godly way.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Ultimate Quiz Book

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Ultimate Quiz Book Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mike Dugdale
Editor: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 1782345469
FileSize: 706kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 706


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Ultimate Quiz Book by Mike Dugdale Summary

The Deep Space Nine Quiz Book is a fun selection of original questions (and answers!), comprehensively covering all facets of the classic original series! As a fun family game it will separate the Bajorans from the Cardassians and the Ferengi from the Dominion, and is a fantastic way to enjoy Star Trek even more.

Ultimate Book of Business and Legal Forms for Startups

Ultimate Book of Business and Legal Forms for Startups Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Entrepreneur Press,Karen Thomas
Editor: Entrepreneur Press
ISBN: 161308014X
FileSize: 1274kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1274


Ultimate Book of Business and Legal Forms for Startups by Entrepreneur Press,Karen Thomas Summary

Assembled by a team of more than fifteen attorneys whose legal specialties apply to practically all aspects of starting, operating, and maintaining a business, this valuable resource delivers not only the necessary forms to launch a business, but everything from hiring and firing, conducting business online, to franchising—totaling more than 200 forms, all at your fingertips! Covering all the legal aspects of starting a business and applicable across many industries, this ultimate go-to resource covers: Within the Book: Business formation: Sole proprietorships Partnerships LLCs Corporations Organization Business operations Compliance Commercial leasing Equipment leasing Service agreements Tax planning Hiring and firing Employment and HR Online ventures Business contracts Estate planning Wills and trusts Collections, settlements and judgments Business ethics Buying and selling a business Franchise your business Ready for Download: Legal Starting a Business Accounting Leasing Insurance Human Resources Office Management Marketing Inventory Purchasing Sales Shipping Collection/Credit Franchises From business basics to business-specific issues, this comprehensive guide presents you with every business-relevant legal form for your first two years in business—including the ones you never knew you needed!

Ultimate Book of Sports

Ultimate Book of Sports Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Scott McNeely
Editor: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452121877
FileSize: 1575kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1575


Ultimate Book of Sports by Scott McNeely Summary

This ultimate book for the ultimate sports fan extends far beyond classics like tennis and basketball. With the rules of engagement for an outrageous assortment of sports—from jousting and Mongolian wrestling to baseball, cricket, ultimate Frisbee, and caber tossing—this book is a resource and a revelation for sporting types of all stripes. Including extensive sidebars with tips, trivia, and strategy, as well as classic line art and illustrations throughout, this compendium of competitive games is ideal for brushing up on rules and regulations, settling disputes, or finding a new passion.

Star Trek: Voyager - The Ultimate Quiz Book

Star Trek: Voyager - The Ultimate Quiz Book Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mike Dugdale
Editor: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 1782347291
FileSize: 822kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 822


Star Trek: Voyager - The Ultimate Quiz Book by Mike Dugdale Summary

The Star Trek:Voyager Quiz Book is a fun selection of original questions (and answers!), comprehensively covering all facets of the classic original series! As a fun family game it will separate the Janeway's from Species 8472, the Seven's from the Borg, and is a fantastic way to enjoy Voyager even more.'s Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists's Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Jamie Frater
Editor: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1569758859
FileSize: 1501kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 1501

DOWNLOAD's Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists by Jamie Frater Summary

FREAKS OF NATURE, ODD CRIMES, SHOCKING DEATHS, DEVASTATING DISASTERS, BLOOD-CURDLING RITES, CRAZY CONSPIRACIES & MUCH, MUCH MORE •Gruesome Torture Devices •Mass Hysteria Outbreaks •Unbelievable Miniatures •Disturbingly Scary Clowns •Outer Space Mysteries •Astonishing Aphrodisiacs •Disgusting Ancient Jobs •Spooky Sports Curses •World-Famous Penises •Mail-Order-Bride Shockers •Brutal Pope Deaths •Outrageous Wedding Locales •Grossest Edible Animals •Appalling Religious Practices

Star Trek: Enterprise - The Ultimate Quiz Book

Star Trek: Enterprise - The Ultimate Quiz Book Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Mike Dugdale
Editor: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 1783331380
FileSize: 854kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 854


Star Trek: Enterprise - The Ultimate Quiz Book by Mike Dugdale Summary

The Star Trek:Enterprise Quiz Book is a fun selection of original questions (and answers!), comprehensively covering all facets of the TV series! As a fun family game it will separate the Archer's from the Xindi, the T'Pol's from the Klingons, and is a fantastic way to enjoy Enterprise even more.

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Circuit Power!

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Circuit Power! Pdf/ePub eBook Author: Triumph Books
Editor: Triumph Books
ISBN: 1633191850
FileSize: 766kb
File Format: Pdf
Read: 766


The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Circuit Power! by Triumph Books Summary

Dig all the diamonds you want, build the biggest castle, or even kill the Ender Dragon, but everyone knows there’s one thing that makes a true Minecraft master: the ability to build with Redstone. Redstone is the most complex and least understood part of the Minecraft world, and using it well is the most respected and sought-after skill in the game. Few players learn everything they need to know to use Redstone effectively solely through gameplay. Enter The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Circuit Power!, an easy-to-understand guide to mastering this mysterious ore. Readers will find a step-by-step tutorial from the most general, basic concepts of Redstone, such as how to use the right tools to mine the greatest amount of it, all the way through to actual project completion on the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. This manual includes a comprehensive breakdown of each and every Redstone-related item and how it works, as well as a guide to wiring and engineering that’s so precise, those who use it will have a basic working knowledge of actual, real-life electrical wiring. Also included are samples from the best Redstone engineers and a gallery of creations to inspire you in your Redstone builds.